Crash survivor Joe joins relay

Bicester Advertiser: Joe Robinson

7:00pm Thursday 12th July 2012

AFTER carrying the Olympic Torch through Theale in Berkshire yesterday, Joe Robinson thanked nursing staff who saved his life following a devastating car crash.

Emergency services say relay crowd caused no problems

7:00pm Thursday 12th July 2012

THE Olympic torch relay through Oxfordshire went without a hitch, authorities said last night.

Adverts defaced as Coke 'swamps' road

7:00pm Thursday 12th July 2012

PROTESTERS defaced a series of posters put up along Oxford’s Cowley Road by Olympic sponsor Coca Cola.

Sir Roger can still light up the track

Bicester Advertiser: Sir Roger exchanges the Olympic flame with Nicola Byrom Picture OX52912 : Ed Nix

9:00am Wednesday 11th July 2012

FOUR-minute mile legend Sir Roger Bannister returned to the track that made his name to proudly hold the Olympic Torch.

Streaker is arrested

Bicester Advertiser: Streaker is arrested

9:00am Wednesday 11th July 2012

A 27-year-old man was arrested after streaking at the Olympic Torch Relay in Henley.

Out in force to witness history

Bicester Advertiser: Raymond Blanc leaps with the flame on St Martin’s Street, where crowds lined the pavements

9:00am Wednesday 11th July 2012

SOME of the biggest crowds in living memory turned out in Wallingford and Abingdon to give a warm welcome to the Olympic torch.

Well wishers line streets in Wallingford for Olympic Torch

10:22am Tuesday 10th July 2012

Thousands of well-wishers gathered in Wallingford this morning to give a warm welcome to the Olympic Torch.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Parade helps keep Jake's memory alive

Bicester Advertiser: Michael Spicer

10:00am Tuesday 10th July 2012

On Sunday Jake Spicer’s family were marking three years since he died after a long battle with cancer.

Olympic torch designer returns to his old patch

Bicester Advertiser: Jay Osgerby

9:10am Tuesday 10th July 2012

TWENTY-three years ago, Olympic Torch designer Jay Osgerby was an art student at Oxford Brookes University.

Hundreds of people celebrate torch in Abingdon

9:08am Tuesday 10th July 2012

A JUBILANT Abingdon has celebrated the 0lympic Torch visit.

PM TELLS STONE: You've earned it!

Bicester Advertiser: Cancer campaigner Clive Stone, left, transfers the flame to Roland Read, of Oxford

9:00am Tuesday 10th July 2012

“YOU have earned it.”

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Incredible welcome from city estates

Bicester Advertiser: Ian Fowler

9:00am Tuesday 10th July 2012

THE eyes of the world may have been imagining the dreaming spires.

Olympic Torch Relay Live Blog

8:20am Tuesday 10th July 2012

Constantly updated live blog from our reporters on the scene...

People line Donnington Bridge for Olympic Torch

8:16am Tuesday 10th July 2012

DONNINGTON Bridge was lined with people waving flags and cheering as the torch went past shortly before 7.30am.

Sir Roger speaks of Olympic Torch pride

8:14am Tuesday 10th July 2012

SIR Roger Bannister proudly carried the Olympic flame aloft at the scene of his 1954 four minute mile triumph this morning.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Wave of colour and samba rhythms in Cowley Road

7:05pm Monday 9th July 2012

THE Olympic Torch was greeted by a wave of colour and samba rhythms as it made its way down Cowley Road in Oxford.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Cheers as it passes through Oxford Mini plant

6:50pm Monday 9th July 2012

Mini Oxford erupted with cheers as four of its own welcomed the Olympic flame to Oxford.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: "Once-in-a-lifetime" day in Blackbird Leys

6:21pm Monday 9th July 2012

A "once-in-a-lifetime day" was how the Olympic Torch's procession through Blackbird Leys was described today

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: It's running 10 minutes late

5:21pm Monday 9th July 2012

THE Olympic Torch Relay is running about 10 minutes late.

Prime Minister David Cameron hails torch bearers in Woodstock

4:42pm Monday 9th July 2012

PRIME Minister and Witney MP David Cameron paid tribute to cancer campaigner and Olympic Torch bearer Clive Stone.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Thousands line streets for torch in Bicester

Bicester Advertiser: Torch Relay

3:52pm Monday 9th July 2012

THOUSANDS of people lined the streets of Bicester to welcome the Olympic torch to town.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Lewis Hamilton kicks off relay for its journey to Oxfordshire

Bicester Advertiser: Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton holding the Olympic Flame before his Torch Relay leg through Luton (Locog/PA)

12:53pm Monday 9th July 2012

FORMULA One driver Lewis Hamilton joked that he would have liked to have swapped his disappointing finish in the British Grand Prix on Sunday for carrying the Olympic flame in his home town.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Ian's delight at carrying the torch today through the Leys

10:26am Monday 9th July 2012

ONE of today’s torch bearers is unlikely to be troubled by the pace as he jogs through Oxford.


Bicester Advertiser: Picture: OX52986 Jon Lewis

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

RACHEL Capell is one of the main organisers for the Olympic celebration in Oxford’s South Park.


Bicester Advertiser: Picture: OX52982 Jon Lewis

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

PENSIONER Christine Carter has been trying on her new tracksuit to make sure she is ready to carry the Olympic Torch through Oxford.


Bicester Advertiser: Picture: OX52968 Ed Nix

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

PUB manager Robyn Cuthell is looking forward to toasting the Olympic Torch from one of the best vantage points in East Oxford.


Bicester Advertiser: Picture: OX52998 Jon Lewis

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

CAT Kelly is one of 30 singers rehearsing for an Oxford choir’s biggest ever concert.

LIGHTING THE WAY FORWARD: 40,000 people set to celebrate

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

AS many as 40,000 people are expected to turn out when the torch comes through Oxford today.


Bicester Advertiser: Picture: OX52932 Ed Nix

10:00am Monday 9th July 2012

VOLUNTEERS at a mental health charity in East Oxford have been baking cakes for customers visiting their garden café.

Send us your Olympic Torch Relay stories and pictures

5:08pm Sunday 8th July 2012

YOU too can report on the Olympic Torch Relay throughout Oxfordshire on Monday and Tuesday.

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Weather looking patchy for relay Monday but better for South Park event

2:59pm Sunday 8th July 2012

IT looks as though the 20,000 revellers for the Olympic torch event in South Park tomorrow will enjoy late sunny spells.

OLYMPIC TORCH: Hotting up for historic event

Bicester Advertiser: Keeping spirits up despite the unrelenting rain, three of the block9 team, building the Tree of Light for the celebration at South Parks, from left, Natalie Perkins, Vic Doggart and Janie Porter

10:20am Saturday 7th July 2012

ORGANISERS preparing for the Olympic Torch Relay visit to Oxfordshire say everything is in place to ensure the event goes smoothly.

Oxfordshire upbringing inspires torch designer

Bicester Advertiser: Jay Osgerby

9:50am Saturday 7th July 2012

AS the London 2012 torch makes its way through Oxfordshire on its continuing quest to reach the capital, it seems fitting to know that it was a childhood spent in the county which helped inspire the torch’s symbolic design.

Collectable cards recall connection to Olympics

Bicester Advertiser: David Buxton

9:30am Saturday 7th July 2012

WHEN the Olympic torch leaves Oxfordshire on Tuesday, it will be exactly 100 years since Oxford University student Arnold Jackson won gold in the 1,500-metre race at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

Park will be packed for party to welcome torch

9:20am Saturday 7th July 2012

Asked where they were on the night that the Olympic torch arrived in Oxford, thousands of people will say: “At South Park – for the best party ever!”

Top viewing spots get set for the crowds

9:10am Saturday 7th July 2012

PEOPLE in Oxford are soon to be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic torch make its way through the city.

Fired up for the torch relay

Bicester Advertiser: Jade Brathwaite

9:00am Saturday 7th July 2012

Since it was first lit at Olympia in Greece, on May 10, the torch for the 2012 London Olympics has been carried by thousands of hands.

Olympic Torch Route across Oxfordshire July 9 & 10

Bicester Advertiser: The overall route

2:08pm Monday 25th June 2012

Route map with estimated times at various points for the Torch Relay across Oxfordshire, starting in Bicester on July 9 and ending Crowmarsh Gifford the following day.

Olympic Torch Route across Oxfordshire July 9 & 10

Bicester Advertiser: The overall route

11:50am Thursday 21st June 2012

There is an error with this page. Please click on the related link below to get to the Maps and timings page for the Olympic Torch Relay.


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