BICESTER Blue Fins took second in the third round of the Milton Keynes & District Junior League in Oxford.

The under 12 girls’ 4x25m freestyle relay team of Grace Bradney, Georgia Usher, Isis Ashley-Sparks and Charlotte Kemp started the gala with a gold.

It led to a fine team haul of 22 podiums.


Boys: Under 12 – 50m backstroke: 1 L Jayakody; 50m butterfly: 1 E Gore. Under 11 – 50m backstroke: 2 T Henley; 50m butterfly: 1 T Henley; 50m freestyle: 1 W Jones; 50m breaststroke: 2 F Oliver; 4x25m freestyle: 1 T Henley, W Jones, F Oliver, C Walbert; 4x25m medley relay: 1 W Jones, F Oliver, T Henley, C Walbert. Under 10 – 50m freestyle: 3 F Kemp.

Girls: Under 12 – 50m backstroke: 1 G Bradney; 50m freestyle: 2 G Usher; 50m breaststroke: 2 G Usher; 4x25m freestyle: 2 G Usher, G Bradney, C Kemp, I Ashley-Sparks. Under 11 – 50m butterfly: 1 I Bohannon; 50m freestyle: 1 I Bohannon; 50m breaststroke: 2 O Jordan; freestyle relay: 2 O Sheldrake, O Jordan, L Bishop, I Bohannon. Under 10 – freestyle relay: 3 M Busby, E Bradley, H McLellan, I Dunn. Under 9 – 25m: 1 M Ashley-Sparks; freestyle relay: 3 E Iles, M Ashley-Sparks, J Allen, M Sollis; medley relay: 2 Z Sophia-Lorimer, M Sollis, M Ashley-Sparks, E Iles.