ITS not everyday you see the leader of the county council dashing across the park, waving a piece of paper.

But not everyday is World Mental Health Day (MWHD).

Prior to the national day on Tuesday, mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind are urging residents to contribute to its #OxMindWMHD book.

From pledges to pictures and poems, the book is an opportunity to let people open up and discuss their challenges, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

During WMHD Mind will also be holding an ‘Olympic Relay’ style event around the county, where lose leaves of the book will be travelling around Oxfordshire to collect contributions for the book, visiting schools, colleges, businesses and workplaces.

Chief executive officer Dan Knowles said: “There are three main reasons for doing this for WMHD.

“The first is to celebrate some of the great work that goes on and acknowledge the mental health challenges people have gone through and their bravery to speak out.

“The second is to raise awareness of mental health charities and the support and advice that is out there for people to access.

“The final reason is to create a legacy, to have this collection for people to look back and reflect on, we are hoping the book will be on display in county hall for six months.”

Tom Hayes, head of external relations at mental health charity Restore, said: “We’re reaching a tipping point.

“It used to be that people felt afraid of prejudice and fear of judgement stopped them from seeking help.

“World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity to encourage more people feel free to lead stigma-free lives.”

For more information about Oxfordshire Mind’s campaign and to contribute to its book visit: