BICESTER’S only nightclub could close over concerns about fights and disorder.

Thames Valley Police says Cherwell District Council must next week revoke the premises licence for G’s nightclub in Market Square.

There have been 298 incidents at the club in the last seven years, the equivalent of nearly one every week.

Officers said the club had not been “proactive” in dealing with 87 of those incidents and was “indifferent” to 132 more since 2005.

The force claims the club has only been proactive in dealing with 79 incidents during that time.

It branded the figures “unacceptable” and said the club was not sticking to last entry times or working with other venues enough.

But defiant club owner George Smith pledged to fight the action.

Force licensing officer Laura Morris said: “The level of intoxication of its customers is unable to be monitored effectively by staff and this then results in disorder inside and outside of the premise.

“The door staff regularly fail to intervene early in order to prevent instances from escalating.” Removing the licence is its “only option” she said.

An action plan was agreed between the club, council and police in 2008 over concerns about underage drinking, sale of alcohol to drunk patrons, behaviour of door staff and “general management”.

Last entry on Friday and Saturdays was changed from 2.30am to 2.15am in June but police said this is “not being strictly adhered to”.

It also said club managers do not regularly attend meetings of the town’s Pub Watch scheme, which brings venue owners together.

The force said there had been times when the club’s radio was not working, on the wrong channel and was not being monitored.

Yet George Smith, who has run the venue for 25 years, said: “I find it incredible to be honest. When you look at it, when you break it down, it is about three incidents a month.

“I have been trading from the same site now for 25 years and I have never experienced what the police are alleging.”

He said revellers are not let in late and he struggled to attend 10am Pub Watch meetings as he works as late as 4am.

The council’s licensing sub committee will be asked to make a decision when its meets on Monday at Bodicote House in White Post Road, Bodicote, at 10am. The public can attend.

Powers include modifying, suspending or revoking the licence.