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Flood blog, Thursday, February 13

Last updated:

    River levels set to rise again to heights seen earlier in the week
  • Heavy rain to fall overnight and into Friday
  • Abingdon Road and Botley Road open
  • Many flood warnings still in place
  • Many roads still closed


Bairdl 8:12am Thu 13 Feb 14
Traffic warning signs on 420 at Cumnor say Seacourt P&R closed but website here says open.....?
Score: -3
roj2011 11:32am Thu 13 Feb 14
Kennington Road is now open (9.30am). Road Closed signs removed. Bring on the buses !
Score: 1
King Joke 3:20pm Thu 13 Feb 14
I got caught up in the Banbury incident last night and took hours to get home. The railways and their staff coped admirably with the disruption but really need to raise their game in information management. The fault was caused by the failure of a National Grid substation, it was not caused by the railways. You won't read this anywhere though. Why are they so keen to let everyone assume it was their fault? It's the same every time there's a suicide or a bridge strike by a road vehicle.
Score: 1
WitneyGreen 12:29pm Fri 14 Feb 14
It's open. The signs that were being used to declare it closed at the entrance have been tossed into the flooded undergrowth near Boundry House.
Score: 0
WitneyGreen 12:30pm Fri 14 Feb 14
I'd like to nominate the staff at First Great Western's twitter feed as heroes - the train service is rubbish at the moment, but they've worked really hard to keep the feed up to date with information and have answered queries really quickly.
Score: 0

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