A KITCHEN porter was given an electric shock twice after her metal bucket touched a live wire on a waste disposal, a court heard.

Agency worker Agnieszka Sieczkowska was shocked in two separate incidents at the The Almanack restaurant in Kenilworth last summer.

The owner, The Peach Pub Company, of Somerton Road, North Aston, was fined £15,000, and ordered to pay £6,675.05 costs and a £15 victim surcharge by Nuneaton magistrates.

The firm admitted two breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, including failing to maintain electrical equipment.

The wiring to the waste disposal unit had been cut because the kitchen’s waste pipe kept being blocked, but had left a live core, it was said.

After the second incident, in June last year, Ms Sieczkowska lost consciousness and was found by a colleague. The company said: “It shouldn’t have happened and we are sorry that it did.”

Ms Sieczkowska is also involved in a civil case with the pub firm.