Sir – Following receipt of the local Conservative spring newsletter through my letter box, I was surprised to read that Conservative-controlled Cherwell District Council were congratulating themselves on having initiated the start of the second phase of the Bicester Sports Village.

It stated that an athletics track, 3G all-weather playing surface and changing rooms were all to be part of phase 2 of the development.

This is complete nonsense, as funding is limited, with phase 2 having funding for a changing room only. The 3G playing surface and athletics facility were originally in the design for phase 3, however no funding has been obtained.

I tracked down the gentleman posting the newsletters and who happened to be a Conservative candidate for the elections in May. On raising my concerns as to inaccuracies of claims made, I am afraid to say that the prospective councillor was at a complete loss and clearly had no idea as to what was happening with the Bicester Sports Village.

Cherwell District Council’s documents show that Phase 2 covers the construction of a pavilion and no more. Phase 3, containing 3G pitches and athletics facilities, is at best a wish list with no funding.

I would like to know why Bicester Conservatives are providing this information, along with false hopes that Bicester will obtain the facilities it so clearly needs and is crying out for. I ask the Conservative members, please have the good grace and courage to stand up and tell the electorate the truth.

My challenge is to either inform the residents of an opening date for these magnificent facilities, or admit they do not have full funding for the facilities.

The Bicester Sports Village is a myth. It will simply be a grass area, with a tarmac path and an over-priced, underused changing room.

M Welby
Fair Close, Bicester