Sir - We write with regard to the decision to defer the Albion Land application at CDC Planning Committee on 21st January 2016 on the basis of allowing further negotiations with the applicant over the proportion of B8 uses across the site.

Firstly, the proposals are clearly contrary to Local Plan Policy Bicester 1 which states that at NW Bicester, use classes will be B1, with limited B2 and B8 uses.

This fundamental point was not adequately addressed in the officer’s report. Neither was the level of objection to the application.

Officers stated during planning committee that “[we] don’t take objections lightly”. Clearly this is not the case given that many of the objections were on the basis of B8 use being contrary to the Cherwell Local Plan.

Secondly, it was clear from discussions that members of the committee were inclined to refuse the application until officers interjected with the suggestion to defer. This could have been interpreted as an interference with the democratic process.

Furthermore, changing the proportion of class B8 & B2 uses across the application site is likely to result in material changes to the proposals which would need to be thoroughly reassessed and re-consulted on.

HGVs and van movements 24 hours a day cannot be classed as zero carbon development.

The proposals for the temporary use of the existing Howes Lane would generate a substantial increase in traffic of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and vans 24 hours a day 7 days a week leading to an increase levels of congestion, noise, vibration and pollution.

At a height 16.75m the scale of these buildings will have an unacceptable landscape impact which will in turn impact on the amenity of existing and new residents

If the proposals are to be compliant with the Cherwell Local Plan and the NPPF, they will require considerable material changes.

A more appropriate course of action could be for the application to be withdrawn and a new proposal submitted.

Cllr Les Sibley

Cllr Michael Waine

Cllr Catherine Fulljames

Cllr Tim Hallchurch