SIR – I found it rather ironic that the former site of the old Valor Bruce factory is being considered for housing in the light of the attention that has been cast upon the new retail development.

On this site, one of the main objections came from Bicester Village, concerned about traffic. I think we have all complained about the traffic situation that has been caused by the Village and allowed to go unabated for years, yet when the retail development was planned all of a sudden traffic is a big problem.

Houses on the Valor Bruce site would be a bigger problem on this stretch of road than at the retail park. I couldn’t get my head around comments from the council saying they want more development. With the number of new homes, people moving here don’t want to spend time up Sheep Street looking in estate agents, charity shops and electric cigarette shops; they want Marks & Spencer, Next and the like that have shown an interest in coming to Bicester.

The council should not put them aside, but welcome them.

Perhaps the planners and councils concerned should make it their New Year’s resolution to give Bicester what it wants and not what they think it wants.

Andy Nutt
West End