SIR – In response to the letter printed in the Bicester Advertiser, headed “Free Parking Plan Dismay” and penned by Steven Uttley, chairman of Bicester Labour Party, it is hardly surprising that councillors overwhelming voted against such a motion.

The motion asked the CDC to note the decline in revenues from council car parks and commercial rental income.

I abstained from voting on the parking motion, which was ill-conceived, flawed and focused on Banbury.

The motion was not about free parking, but called for suspension of charges after 9.30am, which meant motorists would still pay.

Normal parking fees have to be paid in the ultra-short stay car parks during the trial period. The motion also asked the executive to implement a month-long suspension of parking charges which, in reality, was for one day a week, or for four Thursdays (which are market days in Banbury) during the mid-winter month of February.

However, for the other 25 days of February, full charges and conditions will apply.

Cherwell District Council has already concluded, on January 10, a free after-3pm concession at all council-owned car parks during the past six weeks covering Christmas and New Year that will provide information, answers and feedback the motion seeks to address.

Whilst we already have some free car parking in the Bicester town centre, much more is needed.

Councillor Les Sibley
Bicester West