Sir – Congratulations to Norman Bolster for laying the final block in the total monstrosity of a building, namely the community building in Franklins Yard. He and the rest of Bicester council have managed to make that part of the town ugly and unappealing.

I do wonder if any of them realised how huge and overpowering this building was going to be in such a small area. I feel devastated for residents who live there and look out on to such an unattractive building.

As for the retail park proposals being turned down, I am infuriated that Bicester Village had the nerve to object to this development. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

A lot of Bicester residents are surprised by the close proximity to Bicester of the new park-and-ride off the M40. Most thought it was going to be closer to the M40, and cannot see how it is going to alleviate traffic problems.

Jan Herring
George Street