Sir – I am looking forward to Monday, October 26, when Chiltern Railways will reopen Bicester Town and Islip stations and open Oxford Parkway station.

I live within cycling distance of Oxford Parkway. But I will not enjoy using the new service in bad weather.

Chiltern Railways and Network Rail, in partnership as the “Bicester – Oxford Collaboration”, have skimped by not building a canopy on any of the platforms.

All they seem to offer on each platform is a large bus shelter, which looks too small for the numbers of peak hour commuters Chiltern is likely to attract.

Bicester Town and Oxford Parkway each have a passenger footbridge with a roof.

In bad weather, therefore, Oxford-bound commuters at Bicester Town will shelter on the bridge, then hurry downstairs when their train comes.

At Oxford Parkway, London- and Wycombe-bound commuters will do likewise.

For able-bodied commuters, this could be unwelcoming and a bit of a trip hazard.

For passengers with impaired sight or mobility, it could be more intimidating and hazardous.

In April I emailed a number of questions to the Bicester–Oxford Collaboration, including whether the stations would have canopies.

A manager soon replied that he would find out and let me know.

However, I never heard from him again.

Recently, I asked Network Rail’s press office the same question.

I was referred to Chiltern Railways, which, inconveniently, does not publish its press office’s telephone number.

Chiltern has a well-earned reputation for good trains.

But the accommodation at some of its new or rebuilt stations is inexcusably inadequate.

In 2000 Chiltern opened Warwick Parkway, where the platforms are on an exposed embankment.

They lack even a windbreak, let alone platform canopies.

Bicester Town and Oxford Parkway, like Warwick Parkway, could each attract more than half a million passengers a year.

So many fare-payers deserve better.

Hugh Jaeger
Park Close