Sir – In your recent editorial (August 20) you call for the right solution to be made before the level crossing is fully operational and the trains are running. You put forward three choices: a tunnel or a bridge or ‘something different’.

The first two ideas seem crazy and the cost would be millions of pounds, so what about the third? With the temporary closure of London Road due to work on the railway, alternative routes into and out of the town centre have had to be found.

These usually follow the S5/X5 bus route along Queen’s Avenue/St John’s Street, or the scenic one via Charbridge Lane (the ring road) and Launton Road favoured by buses. Would these be the answer you seek?

There may be bottlenecks along the way, but with road improvements, they offer the cheapest option. So couldn’t the temporary become permanent?

Yes, car journeys will take an extra couple of miles, but is this such a terrible hardship?

William Patience
Merganser Drive