Sir – I am a home owner in a road which is one of the main thoroughfares into the town centre and today I got a parking ticket of £30 for parking outside my house while I unloaded my shopping and had a quick toilet break.

I’m a shift worker who, unlike most people, don’t work the blessed hours of 9am to 5pm. Trying to find somewhere to park near my house is a complete and utter nightmare, as selfish people who work in the town use the only spaces available outside the Brava Tapas Bar and Picolo Amore restaurant to avoid paying for parking. The only other option is to park under the Hallelujah tree, which is always full.

I’ve spoken to the council about this and they have no intention of putting in permit parking, as, according to them, there is adequate parking. Maybe there was when people of Bicester rode into town on horse and cart or families could only afford one car.

I’m a shift worker who sometimes finishes work at about 8.45am and has to drive around trying to find a space, so I can go to sleep knowing that some jobsworth won’t give me a ticket for illegal parking.

I wouldn’t have minded, but I was in my house for only seven minutes and now have to stump up £30 for this. It’s about time parking restrictions were put in place and the bay by the restaurants and under the tree were for residents only.

On many occasions and at night you will see the residents come out of their houses and check to see if any spaces have become available, in fear of getting a ticket or fixed penalty notice. Isn’t it about time that people who work in town are allocated free parking, so they then don’t infringe on us home owners.

It’s about time the council woke up and realised this and stopped trying to find ways of taking our hard-earned money out of our pockets and coming up with feeble excuses.

One very angry resident who is £30 out of pocket for doing what most people take for granted.

Darryl Bevan