Sir – My son sustained an injury to his leg while playing football.

Being in great pain, I took him to Bicester Hospital. On arrival I went to reception to get a wheelchair but was met by a rather rude receptionist who wanted to know just why I should need a wheelchair and what the injuries were.

After explaining my son could not walk unaided, he then told me to go back to the car park and he would send a nurse out. Yes, that’s right, treated in the car park of our brand new hospital.

The nurse, after looking at my son’s leg, then suggested he would need an x-ray. Fine, I thought, we must have x-ray facilities at our brand new hospital, but no. The nurse said it was too late in the day and we would have to go to the Horton Hospital in Banbury – so the same as before then, anything other than a sprained ankle and off to the Horton.

So my advice to anyone in Bicester needing treatment outside normal hours is don’t bother going to Bicester Hospital, go to Banbury.

David Lloyd
Eden Way