Sir, The county council proposes a consultation in respect of closing refuse tips.

The excellent service at the Ardley site is appreciated and popular.

I visit that site during normal working hours several times a year and cannot recall an occasion of being the only person using the facility.

People use their own time, fuel and labour to sort and deliver rubbish. If one is unsure where a particular item should be dumped, help is readily available.

My hobby takes me into the countryside along bridle paths, on to farmland and similar locations. It is not unusual to encounter household, builder’s and garden rubbish; furniture, tyres and garage rubbish blocking paths, in gateways and on verges.

The £135,000 the council believe they will save must be measured against the cost of collecting the inevitable increase in ‘fly-tipped’, unsorted rubbish and damage to the environment that will result from the closure of all the current sites.

JE Dennis
Barry Avenue