Sir – Re the report in which traders are delighted that once Bicester Town Station is completed (I refuse to call it Bicester V*****e on principle) there will be a significant increase in footfall entering their premises.

I am sorry to say but those people are living in cloud cuckoo land as the majority of people who disembark that train will only have one place programmed into their brain – Bicester Village.

They will go there and fritter away their money (working class people like me cannot afford their prices) on last season’s fashion items that the main shops could not get shot of, head back to Bicester Town rail station and go home.

Why does Bicester Village always get what it wants and planning permission seems to go through the system at an alarming speed?

The other downside is there will be more of those black buses clogging up an already gridlocked Queens Avenue.

Get real Bicester traders, these visitors from the big city won’t even see Sheep Street, let alone visit.

Ray Holton