OVER the past few years Bicester’s skyline has changed.

In the months and years ahead it will change further.

Most people automatically associate that change with houses, and yes, they do feature.

But they are not the only features of Bicester’s development.

Houses, as well as providing homes, attract inward investment to provide the facilities you want and need now and in the future.

In a town such as Bicester where housing growth has been strategically planned, they support a wider vision for the improvement of the town and its facilities. They meet demand from a growing population and provide future homes for your children.

When considering future housing, we have to consider what amenities residents will need to ensure Bicester is a thriving community where you can live, work and play.

New schools have already been provided at Kingsmere and Elmsbrook as well as new sports facilities at the Whitelands Farm Sports Village.

More facilities have been planned including more primary and secondary schools, new green spaces, new community halls, local neighbourhood centres and more doctors.

We are creating business parks and job opportunities which encourage companies to move to the area or expand their existing operations to give you the chance to pursue careers across a variety of sectors.

The growth of Bicester has been praised upon a national level.

It’s a garden town, which means green spaces feature prominently in future development.

It’s a Healthy New Town, which has led to an active focus on improving the physical and mental health of the town’s residents.

But what does it actually mean for you? Well, in short money and investment in your town, in your facilities and in your future.

It isn’t just about delivering the houses that you require, but the infrastructure that you need.

Bicester will be one of only two locations in the UK offering a north to south and an east to west rail line.

There are dedicated resources targeting opportunities for healthier lifestyles (you may be familiar with the healthy routes encompassing blue lines around the town) and dedicated employment sites to bring you the range of jobs that will keep your economy strong.

Just recently, we received an announcement that Bicester will receive £6.7 million of funding to bring forth a new bridge to accommodate a strategic link road under the railway at Howes Lane.

This investment may have been driven by homes at north-west Bicester, but this will benefit pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

So yes, it’s fair to say houses do feature in the changing skyline of Bicester.

But they only form one small piece of a bigger jigsaw; there’s also transport, employment and community facilities which have their part to play.

It’s only when pieced together do you see the true picture of what Bicester as a whole has to offer and the benefits development can bring.