Bryson DeChambeau’s last European visit featured a very public meltdown on the driving range at Carnoustie but the American believes the fire inside him can help in the Ryder Cup.

After a first-round 75 at the Open the 25-year-took himself off to the practice ground to rectify his issues, but with things increasingly not going his way he was filmed crouching down with his hands on his head before walking off to the sanctuary of a nearby scoreboard.

Since then he was won twice on the PGA Tour and was in contention to scoop the 10 million US dollar FedEx Cup bonus before a disappointing second round at the Tour Championship knocked him out of contention.

42nd Ryder Cup – Preview Day Two – Le Golf NationalBryson DeChambeau had a public meltdown at Carnoustie (Adam Davy/PA)

Despite his reputation for a scientific approach DeChambeau stressed his frustration is part of his make-up.

“People brought that up as a huge deal and a huge situation but they just caught me at a vulnerable time and it was unfortunate,” he said.

“I do that all the time because I’m trying to figure things out and I’m going to get frustrated.

“It may look terrible but that fire is what brought me here and makes me who I am today.  I don’t ever want that to go away.

“That’s a moment that allowed me to be better for the future. It allowed me to say ‘I can’t keep doing this. It’s not working. Let’s keep trying to figure out what I can do’.

“When I get frustrated on the golf course sometimes you don’t see it because I’m trying to be professional but there’s a lot of fire in there.

“It can frustrate me at times, but it also can motivate me; and it motivates me most of the time in a very positive way.

“Fires me up in a good way and that’s why I think I’ll be good for the Ryder Cup team.”

DeChambeau is being tipped as being a good thing for Tiger Woods, who returns to the Ryder Cup for the first time in six years.

He is seen as the 14-time major winner’s ideal partner but the California-born golfer was giving nothing away despite practising with Woods, Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed on Tuesday.

“It would be awesome to play with him. Is it going to happen? We’re still working on it,” he added.

“We’re still trying to figure out who is going to best fit with each other, not me personally but for everyone that’s going out that day.”