Kidlington CC’s future is on the line again on Thursday night.

The trouble-torn club face a proposal to expel them from The Oxford Times Cherwell League at an extraordinary general meeting at Bicester & North Oxford CC (7.30pm).

And senior club members have warned that such a punishment could see them fold.

The latest instalment in the long-running saga comes after the league called an EGM – it’s second in three years – after a gang of ten clubs put forward the proposal to kick out Kidlington.

It follows last November’s fiasco when the annual meeting was brought to a premature end after the executive committee’s own proposal aimed at ousting Kidlington met with opposition from clubs.

On that occasion, Kidlington would have needed two-thirds of those clubs voting to have their membership reaffirmed.

Under the new proposal, the gang of ten need two-thirds to vote in favour of Kidlington being expelled. Kidlington’s chances of survival have improved, but indications are that they still face an uphill battle.

Logic states that they are already 10-1 down, although some of those subscribing to the proposal may have done so just to force the issue in a bid to get the league functioning again.

Clubs will presumably vote on Kidlington’s past administrative record, which makes sorry reading.

The league say enough is enough, and the time has come for them to go.

Kidlington admit they have been at fault on occasions, but say they have taken steps to get their house in order.

However, some observers believe there are wider issues involved than just the fate of a cricket club.

They say it’s all about a clash of personalities, with league secretary Peter Tomlin, executive member Don Brooks and former Kidlington chairman Nick Duval to the fore, and a struggle for absolute power.

Indeed, in an attempt to make sure there are no slip-ups this time, the executive committee have submitted an identical proposal to the gang of ten.

Duval, who has been replaced as chairman at Kidlington by Neil Woolerton, is not the only casualty of the saga.

There has been some blood-letting in the Oxfordshire Cricket Board, with Chris Bishop resigning as the chairman of the Clubs, Leagues and Competitions Committee (CLCC), after he spoke out in support of Kidlington without the OCB’s approval.

Remarkably, when Kidlington’s fate has been the subject of talk in every cricket club throughout the county and beyond, the OCB – who used Stratfield Brake for a county warm-up game against Bucks last April – haven’t seen fit to express an official view on the matter.

And if the vote should go against the league, further heads could roll as the EGM is to be followed by the reconvened annual meeting.

Among the items still to be dealt with are the election of officers, and some executive members may feel their positions are untenable if Kidlington survive.


Proven cases of cheating

Fielding players under false names

Fielding ineligible players

Accusations of bringing the game into disrepute


Provides cricket for 60 adults and 100 youngsters

Boasts ground of Home Counties Premier League standard

Main officers have changed

Reviews promised of management structure, registration process and communication strategy