ROSS Jenkins has hit out at controversial contract changes made by the Football Association.

New conditions due to come in on July 1 will see injured players in the Vanarama National League only paid in full for 12 weeks.

If they are injured longer than four months, clubs will be able to reduce their wages to statutory sick pay of £99.35 a week and payable for 28 weeks.

For those playing below the fifth tier, players will get their full wage for six weeks.

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Oxford City head coach Jenkins said: “They put their bodies on the line as players and I think if that changes, then the whole dynamics of football will change.

“In terms of the aggression, the tackles, the competing. I think if a player knows ‘if I go into a bad tackle and I get a bad injury, I’m not going to get paid throughout my whole contract’, I think it might turn your mentality a little bit, and we don’t want that in football at all.

“It’s important that we address it quickly, I’m sure the league will, I’m sure the players’ union will stand up and question what’s been put out there.

“But on the flip side, it does reinforce the urgency for players to protect themselves as well, and to go and get that insurance policy to protect them.”