THE early impressions given by Liam Manning are certainly encouraging for Oxford United supporters.

At his first press conference on Monday, the former MK Dons boss was measured and articulate in his responses, and didn’t shirk away from any of the tough questions about United’s league position.

Yesterday, away from the glare of the national press and in the presence of the local media, Manning again came across confidently.

During both press conferences, Manning was to the point and succinct in his answers.

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What has also become evidently clear early on is that the 37-year-old is meticulous in his work.

All of this counts for nothing of course if it isn’t replicated on the pitch in the form of results – primarily wins.

The U’s are in the thick of a frighteningly poor run of form and are very much in the midst of a relegation battle.

With just one point collected from their last 10 games, United must find a way to get three points on the board.

Going into the final 10 games of the season, a similar points return would almost certainly see the club relegated.

Manning may be a long-term appointment, but in the immediacy, he must put the skills he has shown so for to good use.