OXFORD United boss Karl Robinson is seeking to turn the delay in the season into a positive and steal a march on the competition.

Like many, the head coach has been frustrated over the length of time it is taking to gain clarity over how the EFL season will end.

It is now 75 days since the campaign was suspended and the process of determining what happens next is expected to run into June.

Robinson had been hoping to get players back training this week, but testing at clubs below the Championship will not start until there is a vote on how the campaign will conclude.

The U’s boss and those staff who have not been put into the furlough scheme have though been busy to ensure when it is safe to resume they will be in the best possible position.

Robinson said: “All the staff that haven’t been furloughed have been working round the clock to make sure when players do come back in we’re ready to go.

“We’ve had a phenomenal season, one that’s probably surpassed most people’s expectations.

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“Whatever happens going forward, we’re third as things stand and have had two good cup runs.

“I don’t think many teams can boast that sort of year.

“We don’t want to let all that hard work go down the pan.

“We have to use this time wisely and we’re making sure as a staff that we’re not going to leave a stone unturned.”

Despite being furloughed, the squad have continued – voluntarily – to stick to their individual fitness programmes.

The data from those sessions suggests they are in “fantastic shape”, while Robinson says none have raised any doubts over the prospect of returning to train and play.

“They’ve all been very clear on the fact they want to play,” he said.

“The players are frustrated. They want to play and miss it.

“The one thing they’re really screaming out for is ‘just tell us when’.

“As a manager generally I always tell them I know everything.

“At least normally I know a little bit about a lot of things, but with this one I know nothing.

“It’s a really difficult place to find ourselves in, short-term.

“The players have respected that and have dealt with the circumstances in which we sit right now.”

Robinson shares their frustration, but has felt the benefit of a break from what had been a frenetic schedule just before the action was halted in March.

He said: “I feel totally refreshed.

“I know my staff feel in a very good place.

“Obviously we’ve not been able to have a holiday, but we’re all champing at the bit and ready and raring to go.”