JACK Brooks admits he has been blown away by the support he has received on Twitter in his attempts to stave off cabin fever.

The Somerset bowler spent the early part of the week finding different images which, when put together, made up the names of famous cricketers.

The former Oxfordshire player was looking for ways to pass the time while the whole country is on lockdown.

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Brooks posted the first batch on Sunday, and has been inundated with more requests on social media after it proved such a big hit.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so popular,” he admitted.

“It seems to be keeping lots of people entertained which is good – I guess I didn’t realise quite how bored everyone was.

“I have tried to get a mixture of easy ones, difficult ones and have thrown in some funny ones too.

“Some of them would have definitely made me laugh.”

Among those to get in touch were Oxford United, and Brooks has been working on producing former players.

“Some have already been put out and there are others on the way,” the U’s fan said.

“It’s been great fun and if it brings enjoyment and fun to a few people, I am pleased to have done my bit.”

To test yourself, follow Brooks on Twitter at @BrooksyFerret.