RUTHERFORD almost overhauled Forum F’s advantage as they just fell short in the Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield.

The Division 1 champions gave their opponents a 153-point head start, but only lost 426-415 in the final set of fixtures before the Oxford & District League closed down due to coronavirus.

It meant the Shield has been halted after the first of three weeks of group matches.

Another Division 2 team beat top-tier opponents as Bicester B beat Bicester A 371-363 after being given a slim handicap of 29 points.

Division 1’s Forum B handed Division 3 side Holton D a 312-point head-start and were narrowly beaten 496-439.

Forum C beat Gladiators 427-368, despite beginning with a deficit of 104 points, while Forum H overcame Vikings B 382-347 after starting 16 points in front.

RAL B had a handicap of 92 points at Forum G, but still ran out 423-361 winners.

Witney B had a 101-point head-start over Forum E and triumphed 436-408, with Forum I losing 383-329 to Holton C despite starting with a lead of 65 points.

Hosts Bicester C triumphed over Holton A 436-362 after their opponents received a handicap of 91 points.