FALCON Juniors claimed five titles at the Isis Sculls Regatta.

Rowing on home water, Max Ebner led the way with three victories.

Yussuf Selim, Toby Stephenson and Will Fletcher all won twice, with Seb Siswick, Joe Sell, Peter Crossley, Kyran Ramsurrun, Louis Garden and Olly Marshall also claiming gold medals.


Gold: P Crossley & J Sell (J15); M Ebner (J16); M Ebner, T Stephenson, L Garden & Y Selim (J16); M Ebner, T Stephenson, K Ramsurrun, Y Selim & W Fletcher (J16); S Siswick (J18); O Marshall & W Fletcher (J13).

Silver: J Wright (J15); J Sell, S Tyler, L Garden, H Walton & L Marshall (J15); S Siswick & P Hathaway (B1); T Stephenson & Y Selim (J16); W Fletcher (J14); C Walton (J14).

Bronze: S Siswick & A Tennant (Mx); R Kotnis (J14); R Kotnis & W Flatcher (J14).