HEADINGTON will take on West Witney in the Oxfordshire League Cup final.

The duo both secured emphatic victories in their semi-final clashes and will now meet tonight at Kidlington.

Headington shrugged off a slow start to beat Banbury Central 71-53.

Will Campion’s four gave Central an early boost, picking up ten shots with no reply in the first four ends.

However Jason King’s rink then won 12 ends on a row to lead 24-10.

Only Keith McNeil’s four were able to pick up a consolation win for Central, as Headington triumphed.

The other last four clash was an all west Oxfordshire affair, with West Witney defeating Witney Mills 69-45.

Mills were quicker out of the blocks, racing to a ten shot lead after five ends.

However, West Witney gradually got on top and with Shane Cooper’s rink ending up winning by 18 shots, West booked a place in the final for the first time since 2013.

Semi-final results Witney Mills 45, West Witney 69 (Witney Mills skips first): P Robins 14, P Skidmore 16; L Days 7, S Cooper 25; A Wiggins 12, D Leighfield 14; C Weller 12, K Alder 16.

Banbury Central A 53, Headington A 71 (Banbury skips first): M Andrew 13, I Snowdon 20; W Campion 11, J King 25; K McNeil 17, N Rae-Welsh 10; N Galletly 12, H Watts 16.

  • OXFORDSHIRE lost to Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire in their latest friendly matches.

Oxfordshire 121, Buckinghmshire 128

Rink 1: A Hunt, C Haley, D Wedge & I Whelpton lost 25-23.

Rink 2: C Lewis, G Thompson, R Barnett & M Andrew won 25-18.

Rink 3: P Demczak, J McGeough, K Williams & A Wase lost 26-14.

Rink 4: M Jones, J Hurren, M Oliver & M Morris lost 24-19.

Rink 5: B Willoughby, J Stephens, B Ray & B Bloomfield lost 20-17.

Rink 6: T Gripe, J Timms, K Buckle & A Ley won 23-15.

Oxfordshire 107, Gloucestershire 135

Rink 1: C Lewis, C Haley, K Buckle & B Clarke lost 23-21.

Rink 2: T Gripe, J McGeough, A Fleming & M Andrew lost 23-15.

Rink 3: S Tolhurst, G Thompson, K Williams & B Bloomfield won 26-19.

Rink 4: P Demczak, A Smith, M Morris & P Robbins lost 31-6.

Rink 5: R Radband, J Lafford, I Whelpton & A Ley won 20-16.

Rink 6: B Jarvie, J Hurren, R Barnett & A Wase lost 23-19.