JAMIE Mackie says it will take more than seven stitches in his head to keep him out of Oxford United’s clash with AFC Wimbledon tomorrow.

The veteran forward suffered cuts near his right ear after he was caught by a boot from Walsall goalkeeper Liam Roberts last weekend.

Mackie was patched up and played on for the rest of the game with a bandage and the wound is yet to heal.

But despite the 3-1 victory realistically sealing the U’s survival from relegation, the 33-year-old is in no mood to take it easy.

“It was quite a hefty knock and I think the stitches come out in a few days, but I’m fine to play,” he said.

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“I don’t like playing with a bandage on, but needs must and it’s fine. I wasn’t concussed and could play on.

“It’s a strange one, it’s happened to me a few times and if I had my boot that high and connected like that I’d get sent off.

“Keepers seem to (get away with it). His foot was high, but I’m fine, it’s not a problem.”

United’s four-game winning run has lifted them out of the relegation battle.

But Mackie insisted there is no shortage of incentives for anyone in the squad, which should ensure they match a Wimbledon side scrapping for survival.

He said: “They’ve been on a great run, so it’s going to be a good game and one we’re relishing.

“There won’t be any coming off the gas because players have to prove points.

“For lads who are looking to go on elsewhere or are on loan, if they have a good finish it can look like they’ve had a good season.

“Every single game you play you’ve got a point to prove in some capacity.

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“So we’re going to be flat out for the next five games and look forward to them.

“I can assure everyone who is coming we’re not thinking ‘we don’t want to play, because we’re safe’.

“That’s not the case, we want to win the game at home and keep the positivity going into next season.

“There’s been too much losing this season.”

He added: “It goes without saying we want to win games.

“it’s a much nicer feeling on a Sunday morning and gives us a focus going into next season.

“I believe if we can get a carry-over of good results we’ll start next season with a bit of confidence.”