THERE was simply no stopping Grove’s Connor Hull in January as he topped all three leaderboards.

The Oxford Mail have been compiling league statistics from clubs who submit match reports and can reveal the standings for overall points, tries scored and points kicked.

Grove centre Hull set Southern Counties South alight as Craig Burrows’ side won three of their four matches in the opening month of 2019.

Hull scored 65 points, including 29 against Walcot, to finish first in the overall standings for January ahead of usual contenders Dan Lightfoot and Ed Phillips.

The Grove back also came out on top in the try-scoring charts, crossing five times, and kicking-king rankings, slotting 40 points.

The race in the overall 2018/19 points standings is hotting up, with Banbury’s Phillips leading Chipping Norton’s Lightfoot by just nine points heading into the final three months of the season.

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  • Ed Phillips converts a try during Banbury's win over Old Centralians on January 26 Picture: Simon Grieve

It is a case of roles reversed in the kicking rankings as the latter leads by the equivalent of two penalties.

Chippy’s Matty Wheeler is dominating the try-scoring charts, having already crossed an impressive 22 times.



1 C Hull (Grove) 65, 2 D Lightfoot (Chipping Norton) 38, 3 E Phillips (Banbury) 33.


1 C Hull (Grove) 5, 2= A Turetta (Oxford Harlequins), L Dahle (Abingdon), M Nutt (Oxford Harlequins), M Benson (Chipping Norton), J Murrell (Chipping Norton), A Kelly (Oxford) 4.


1 C Hull (Grove) 40, 2= E Phillips (Banbury), D Lightfoot (Chipping Norton) 28.



1 E Phillips (Banbury) 170, 2 D Lightfoot (Chipping Norton) 161, 3 C Holland (Chinnor) 127.


1 M Wheeler (Chipping Norton) 22, 2 C Holland (Chinnor) 16, 3 M Benson (Chipping Norton) 14.


1 D Lightfoot (Chipping Norton) 136, 2 E Phillips (Banbury) 130, 3 R Giles (Henley Hawks) 80.