ROB Holt lifted the Brian Carroll Cup when beating Paul Cornforth 7-2 in the final.

The Bicester Advertiser Pool League’s singles competition, renamed in memory of one of their former players, was contested on the finals and presentation night at the Ex Serviceman’s Club.

Holt triumphed to land his third singles title.


Premiership – Winners: KEA Legends. Runners-up: Ex’s Magic. Div 1 – Winners: Le Cheval Blanc. Runners-up: Highlanders. Div 2 – Winners: Crown Inn Twyford. Runners-up: Ex’s Deviants. Team KO – Winners: KEA Legends. Runners-up: Dark Horse Elite. Team KO Plate – Winners: Ex’s Rejects. Runners-up: Le Cheval Blanc. Doubles – Winners: Reece Green & Lewis Bland. Runners-up: Rob Holt & Rob Wheeler.

The Nags Head made it three wins in a row in the Premier Division when beating Highlanders 6-3 in the Bicester Advertiser Pool League.


Premier Div: Dark Horse Elite 1, KEA Legends 8; Ex’s Rejects 4, White Horse E 5; Highfield Drifters 4, Ex’s Magics 5; Le Cheval Blanc 3, White Horse B 6, The Nags Head 6, Highlanders 3.

Div 1: Dogs Wanderers 3, The Crown Inn, Twyford 6; Ex’s Cronies 4, Ashton A 5; Nightingale Nightmares 4, Harry’s Potter’s 5; Safari Garden 1, Nightingale Nomads 8; The Shakey Degnerates 5, Ex’s Deviants 4.

Div 2: Ex’s New Boys XXX 5, The Plough, Arncott 4; Hundred Acres 6, The Bell Outlaws 3; KEA B 7, Shakey Cock 2; The Crown Inn B 3, The Brill Beards 6.