An Internet video campaign which has gained more than four million hits in less than a year was produced by Thames Valley Police and the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership (TVSRP).

The ‘Crashproof motorbike’ video was posted on YouTube last summer and features a German news presenter talking about how new technology in a motorbike helmet means riders no longer have to look for traffic.

As the rider pulls out of the junction behind the presenter he is hit by a lorry.

Although the video is a fake and the collision did not take place, clever use of computer graphics has resulted in the video becoming viral, attracting thousands of comments online, debates over its authenticity and millions of hits on YouTube and motorcycle websites.

The video cost £10,000 to produce and was created to get more riders to take part in advanced motorcycle training in a bid to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Thames Valley’s roads.

The campaign particularly targets male riders in their mid 30s to early 40s, as these age ranges feature highly in road casualty statistics.

Inspector Bob Jarrett, of Thames Valley Police, said: “As a Police Rider I get to do something I love as part of my job. The sad fact remains however that motorcyclists are still massively over-represented in the casualty figures.

"Time and time again we are seeing that it’s the same mistakes as contributory factors in these collisions which could so easily of been avoided.

“That’s why we are encouraging riders to go out, get some extra training, and learn some additional skills. Ultimately people will get more out of their riding and it will help them to stay safe on the roads.

“I hope motorcyclists see this video, think about the consequences of crashing and get themselves on a course.”

Craig McAlpine, of TVSRP, said: “Our aim was to produce a video that encouraged people to discuss the attitudes and ability involved when riding a motorcycle and for it to spread virally within the motorcycle community.

“The crashproof motorbike viral campaign achieved this and the comments we have seen on motorcycle forums demonstrates that the underlying message has been clear.

“Encouraging people to look into advanced riding skills is now the key message we would like to push out via the Safer Rider website and of course ultimately reduce the number of casualties.”

The video was created by Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership and was made by production company ST16.