From Walkers and Tyrrells to Kettle and McCoy's there are so many crisps to choose from in the UK.

Even all of the major supermarkets like Aldi, Tesco, Asda and M&S have their own brand of crisps these days.

But which crisps are the best? Which brand stands out from the others as the most popular among crisp-loving Brits?

What is your favourite brand of crisps?What is your favourite brand of crisps? (Image: Getty Images)

To find out, we put a poll out to crisp lovers across the country and here's what they said.

The most popular crisp brands in the UK

The most popular crisps brands in the UK, according to readers, are:

  • Walkers Crisps (41%)
  • Supermarket brands (24%)
  • Tyrrells (12%)
  • Kettle (8%)
  • Other (15%)

Walkers was by far the go to brand when it comes to crisps, with 41% of Brits polled voting it as their favourite.

Supermarket brand crisps were the next most popular with 24% of the vote. 

Tyrrells and Kettle pulled in 12% and 8% of the publics vote, respectively.

While other brands not listed in our poll (including the likes of McCoy's, Pipers and Pringles) recorded 15% of the vote.

New and discontinued Walkers crisps

To celebrate Walkers being voted the most popular crisp brand in the UK, we've taken a look back at the products that have left and been introduced to its range recently (strap yourselves in because it's been a rollercoaster ride).

From Wotsits and Quavers to its Sensations and Max ranges, Walkers has a wide range of crisps to choose from.From Wotsits and Quavers to its Sensations and Max ranges, Walkers has a wide range of crisps to choose from. (Image: Mark Mackenzie/PepsiCo)

Several popular crisp flavours have been axed by the crisp giant recently.

In November 2023, Walkers revealed it had stopped making Salt and Vinegar Quavers, while in October fans discovered the popular Worcester sauce flavour had been discontinued.

Then in December, Walkers confirmed they had also stopped making Max Strong Hotsauce Blaze flavoured crisps and Max Wasabi Peanuts.

The company started 2024 by revealing it has stopped making Marmite-flavoured crisps.

Marmite crisps have since been re-introduced to the market with Northern Ireland brand Tayto.

Before in May, fans learnt Walkers' Sensations Streetmix range had also been discontinued (albeit back in 2022).

Discontinued UK chocolates and sweets

Walkers also recently revealed it had "no current plans" to bring back its popular Stax range, which was discontinued in the UK back in 2021, when quizzed by fans on X (formerly Twitter).

But its not been all bad news for crisp lovers with Walkers also releasing a number of new flavours in 2024.

In February, it added two new flavours to its Sensations range - Mature Cheddar and Chilli Chutney and Crushed Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn.


Then just a few weeks later shoppers spotted brand new Extra Flamin Hot Crunchy Wotsits in UK supermarkets.

While earlier this month Walkers launched a new range of Wotsits and Monster Munch crisps, made with chickpea.

What is your favourite brand of crisps? Is it Walkers or something else? Let us know in the comments below.