Aldi is back at it again with their latest beauty collection inspired by some of the biggest and most popular make-up items currently in stores.

This time looking towards pop sensation Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, with their new line of liquid blushes and liquid highlights.

If you’re a makeup or beauty fan, there’s no doubt that you wouldn’t have had social pages filled with reviews of Rare Beauty and specifically the viral sell-out liquid blush by the brand.

The highly pigmented and long-lasting product took the internet by storm, and the highlighter followed suit.

But now as Aldi’s Lacura brand takes on another dupe from a popular celebrity brand, it's time to find out how well they compare to the real thing.

Of course, this isn’t the first celebrity brand dupe, with recent weeks seeing the budget-friendly retailer take on the queen of lips Kylie Jenner.

Aldi vs Rare Beauty, how do they compare?

Aldi’s liquid blushers come in two shades, Pink Lace inspired by Rare’s Happy and Orchid Pink, a dupe of Encourage.

As someone who regularly uses Rare’s Happy, I tested out Aldi’s Pink Lace and on first impression, I noticed that Aldi’s blush was a lot smaller than Selena Gomez’s brand.

But I didn’t see that as a bad sign as its simple compact design would make for the perfect travel size.

Coming in at 4.6ml compared to Rare’s 7.5ml, there is a quite a large difference in product but at an 82% saving with Aldi’s costing £3.99 instead of £22, the size difference is understandable.

Much like Rare, Aldi’s liquid blush goes a very long way, and you really do only need a dot depending on your preferred amount.

Bicester Advertiser: The four products.The four products. (Image: Newsquest)

Using a flat buffer brush, I found that the blush blended across my skin perfectly without making any move to my foundation and gave me the perfect healthy glowing look.

Moving onto Aldi’s Lacura’s Stay Illuminated Highlighter inspired by Rare’s Liquid Luminizer, they come in two shades, Aldi’s Champagne vs Enlighten and Radiant Rose, a dupe of Mesmerise.

I have always struggled with liquid highlighters, often finding that they break up my makeup or don’t blend the way I would like.

But, keeping previous experience to one side, I gave the Aldi highlighter a go with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

Trying out Aldi’s Champagne first, the highlighter is glowy without having a glittery or overpowering look, instead a more subtle shiny look.

At first use, I dotted the highlighter on my cheekbones before blending it out but found that it didn’t go as far.

Bicester Advertiser: Swatches of the products.Swatches of the products. (Image: Newsquest)

Taking that into account, on my second go I placed some on the back of my hand and used my highlighter brush to blend it out, making the blend much easier and no sign of movement.

Aldi’s highlighter retails for £3.99, saving you £20.01 compared to Rare Beauty's highlighter that's available for £24.

Aldi drops new September beauty special buys

Alongside Aldi’s Rare Beauty drops, the supermarket chain is also releasing a handful of luxury perfumes and hair products.

With Lacura’s Wonder Spray (£4.99) a dupe of Color Wow Dream Coat (£22), the spray helps transform locks for frizz-free texture and protection against heat and humidity.

Aldi is also dropping some more perfume dupes, this time taking inspiration from Maison Francis Kurkdijan.

Creating perfumes, Cardinal Red, Liquid Luxe and Intense Passion, each perfume costs £5.99 and altogether saves you £612 from the designer dupe.

Aldi’s latest beauty products will be in stores only nationwide from Thursday, September 7.