Migrants who cross the Channel to reach the UK could end up facing a ban from claiming asulym under plans set to be announced by the new Home Secretary.

As reported by The TimesSuella Braverman will use her first major speech at the Conservative Party conference to set out such a plan.

This would incorporate a blanket ban on those deemed to be entering the UK illegally from seeking refuge.

It will mark the latest attempt by the Government to reduce the number of people attempting to cross the Channel, as so far this year 33,500 people have arrived in the UK after coming over the France.

Bicester Advertiser: Over 33,000 migrants have crossed the Channel from France to the UK in 2022 (PA)Over 33,000 migrants have crossed the Channel from France to the UK in 2022 (PA)

This potential plan has drawn criticism from campaigners, who have described it as "criminalisation" of blatant "victims".

Clare Mosley, founder of refugee charity Care4Calais, said: “This proposal by the new Home Secretary is barbaric, untruthful and unnecessary. The Government’s rhetoric around people crossing the Channel is simply false. There is a mountain of evidence that the vast majority are genuine refugees; this criminalisation of them is blatant victim blaming of incredibly vulnerable people, simply for the purpose of grabbing headlines.

“Those who have escaped from the worst horrors in this world should not be risking their lives once again simply to claim asylum in the UK. The obvious answer is to give them safe passage. This would break the model of people smugglers and save lives.

“If this Government truly wanted to stop small boat crossings it would offer safe passage to those who have a viable claim for asylum.”

According to The Times Ms Braverman will set out that she will try to encourage the sort of immigration that grows the economy of the UK.

Additionally, she is expected to call for the French to stop more boats crossing the Channel and confirm she is considering other new legislation to make it easier to deport people from the UK.