The hit Channel 4 architectural show Grand Designs sees ambitious individuals build their dream family home, and this week's episode is no different.

In the first week of the new series, Manchester couple Colin and Adele learnt the hard truths and the dos and don'ts of building their curved glass mansion.

The second in the series saw Tunbridge Wells-based Kate and Rob replace their rundown post-war prefab home that stood the ages and lasted a lot longer than expected.

After that Canterbury-based couple Dorran and Vereuschka who build an underground hidden home but trouble arose for the pair after they parted ways with their contractor and took on the project themselves.

They were then followed by Hertfordshire couple Matthew and Davidzo who built an Australian and Zimbabwean-inspired home on the sloping hills of the Chess Valley.

Whilst last week saw Derbyshire couple Mike and Sarah create a medieval longhouse-inspired build in hopes to bring the family together. 

Now, this week sees Bedfordshire husband and wife, John and Helen, create a £1.3 million "modernist pavilion".

Bedfordshire couple take on modernist home with £1.3 million budget on Grand Designs

Ex-racehorse breeder John has plans to build a hi-tech home that will promise himself and his wife, Helen, a retired vet who had a stroke in 2018, a comfortable life with an initial budget of £1.3 million.

They have plans to sell their 17th-century farmhouse and create a new wheelchair-accessible modern home on a nearby plot, they brought for £850,000

The couple wants to complete their family home with two bedrooms, three bathrooms an annexe a wildlife garden and a self-cleaning swimming pool.

And they're keeping building plans in family hands as John's son Ollie takes on the role of project manager. 

However, not everything goes to plan on Grand Designs, as the couple learn that the sale of one home and the construction of another at the same time, can be a lot harder than anticipated.

You can watch Grand Designs at 9pm tonight on Channel 4 and All 4.