Heathrow Airport is introducing a terminal drop-off charge for vehicles who wish to drop off passengers.

From October 2021, a £5 charge per visit will need to be paid in order to use the designated drop-off zones directly outside the airport’s terminals.

All vehicles that enter the forecourts of Heathrow’s terminals will have to pay the charge but there are some exceptions, for example, blue badge holders and emergency vehicles.

The easiest and quickest way to drop off passengers is via the forecourts, according to Heathrow Airport.

The airport’s car parks are still available with normal charges applying there. The terminal charge will not affect passenger pick up via the car parks as picking up passengers is not allowed on the terminal forecourts.

Heathrow encourages passengers to check the terminal drop-off charge information page on their website for more details on the scheme, how to register your vehicle and make payments which will be published in due course.

Terminal Drop-Off Charge: Key information

  • The Terminal Drop-Off Charge will come into force in October 2021.
  • A £5 charge per visit to drop-off zones will apply to all vehicles with some exceptions.
  • You can pay for the charge online, via mobile phone, automated telephone service or by autopay functionality.
  • The service is operated via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), there will be no barriers in the Drop Off area.