Jeremy Clarkson has made a shocking discovery at his new pub in Oxfordshire after finding knickers in the bushes.

The former Top Gear host revealed he had recently purchased The Windmill which is nestled in five acres of countryside near Burford.

He reportedly paid “less than £1 million” for the watering hole but discovered shortly afterwards the nearby area was a dogging hotspot.

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 “I did a deal and then discovered that there was a famous dogging site in the area,” he told The Times.

“Photographs from inside the nearby lavatories showed holes in the cubicle walls, strong pornography on the floor and evidence of enthusiastic consumption of the drugs made at the first pub I’d considered.

“So I went to see West Oxfordshire District Council, expecting no help at all, and, blow me down, it was very happy to close the dogging site.”

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Jeremy Clarkson bought the pub in Oxfordshire.Jeremy Clarkson bought the pub in Oxfordshire. (Image: PA)

Now working to renovate the pub in time to open later this year, the 64-year-old made a unusual discovery at the site.

In a short video posted to Instagram, Mr Clarkson reveals that he found a pair of old knickers in the bushes next to the pub.

Lifting the underwear to the camera, he said: “Tell me you’ve bought a pub on a dogging site without telling me you’ve bought a pub on a dogging site.”

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The clip has already garnered more than four million views since Mr Clarkson uploaded it onto social media on Tuesday evening.

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