The UK Warehousing Association chief executive has visited a Bicester warehouse.

Clare Bottle toured DP World UK, the country's largest music distribution centre, as part of her "2024 Year of Warehousing" initiative.

DP World UK, located in Bicester, uses advanced robot technology to distribute assorted music formats, including vinyl records.

The warehouse uniquely provides both B2B and B2C services.

Ms. Bottle said: "Warehousing remains one of the fastest-growing, yet least understood sectors in the UK.

"This is partly because people rarely see what happens inside these often vast buildings, where millions of products are processed every day."

She continued to express that warehousing generally operates 'behind the scenes', making it largely unappreciated.

The chief executive advocated that with warehousing becoming integral to daily lives, those working tirelessly within these warehouses required recognition for their contributions to the UK economy and society.

This visit marks her 55th tour this year, aiming to highlight the sector's importance.

Ms. Bottle continued: "With the growth of the physical entertainment market for music and film (largely driven by vinyl) it was brilliant to visit my 55th warehouse this year, where DP World stocks over 65,000 SKUs for UDS, the distributor for virtually all the music labels!"

She has a goal to visit a total of 80 UK sites before the end of the year.