A JUDGE has dubbed a ‘serial domestic abuser’ a ‘violent and manipulative bully’ after he stamped on his girlfriend’s head after a day of drinking.

Ashley Day, of Caernarvon Way, Banbury, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday (May 14) for one count of assault occasioning actual bodily and for breaching a restraining order.

The 38-year-old was caught stamping and kicking his girlfriend, Anna Needle, outside a Beefeater pub in Southcote Lane, Reading on December 4 last year.

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He pleaded not guilty, claiming he was ‘helping her up’ from the ground.

However, he was found guilty after a trial at Oxford Magistrates’ Court.

Sentencing him to three years imprisonment, Recorder James Hay said: “You’re 38 years of age and have an atrocious set of previous offences for assault against women.

“You are a serial domestic abuser and a violent manipulative bully.

"There is no doubt that your behaviour flies past the custody threshold in this case.”

During the sentencing, it was heard that Day and his partner had been drinking in the Beefeater pub throughout the day.

However, at about 8pm when the pair were walking in Southcote Lane, Day had began attacking the woman.

She told police she had become unconscious during the assault but remembers Day biting her nose and finger.

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Two members of the pub witnessed the attack, reporting that Day had stamped on his partner two to three times before ‘kicking her with force’.

Blood could be seen running from her nose and they rushed to intervene.

Emergency services arrived and an ambulance crew assessed Ms Needle while police arrested Day, who had since returned to the Beefeater pub.

The court heard that Day has 28 convictions for 38 offences, including similar offences of domestic assault.

Defending Day, barrister Bethan Chichester said that he considers it ‘learned behaviour’ as his childhood was ‘traumatic’.

However, she said he has spent his time in custody well and is now an enhanced prisoner, seeking help for his alcohol and anger issues.

“He is looking at becoming a productive member of society and getting back to college,” said Ms Chichester.

“He accepts his actions that day and he is being supported by his family.”

During sentencing, Recorder Hay told the defendant to stop looking at his partner in the public gallery.

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He said: “In almost every line of your presentence report it shows how you tried to manipulate the situation.

“I could see you looking at the public gallery the whole time.”

Day replied: “It’s because I love her.”