An American teenager based in Bicester has had two podium finishes at Silverstone.

Jason Pribyl, the promising driver from Glenview, Illinois, found success in the first two races of the United Formula Ford Championship at Silverstone on April 13, establishing his lead in the series.

Pribyl, who competes with the Phil Wills Racing team, quickly adapted to the standing-start opening race, managed to avoid an early collision and led the field until a red flag ended the race prematurely, securing his first series win.

His performance led to praise from Chris Dawes of MVSR.

The second race saw Pribyl start from pole position.

Despite a brief loss of the lead, he managed to regain control for most of the race.

However, a 5-second penalty pushed him to a third-place finish but his efforts still earned him crucial championship points.

Phil Wills, owner of PWR1, displayed a mix of feelings after the race.

He said: "Jason really drove hard-fought races.

"We are disappointed with the penalty but really pleased with the overall results for the day."

It gave him an 18-point lead, going into the next challenge at Donington Park on May 11.

Pribyl admitted his satisfaction with his Silverstone performance but also hinted at his continuous strive for improvement.

He said: "I'm of course proud of where I finished.

"But most importantly I feel there is so much more time in both myself and the car, and that gets me excited for the rest of the year and what's to come."