A driver involved in a horror crash believes he and his son are “lucky to be able to tell the tale”.

Emergency services were called to Charbridge Lane in Bicester after following a crash involving three cars yesterday at around 11.20am.

Pictures show three cars were left badly damaged but authorities have confirmed only minor injuries were suffered.

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David Simmonds, who was driving the white BMW, admitted despite no one being seriously injured it left him and his son “shaken”.

He said: “I’m just glad all involved were not seriously injured and my 9-year-old son, George was shaken, but very well supported by so many locals, and the services who attended were amazing too.

“They work so hard under pressure. They all deserve medals.

"Likewise, I’m humbled by those who stopped to help us both, including ice creams and drinks, and even a lift back home.

“The Bicester people were fabulous and George and I are lucky to be able to tell the tale.”

An Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “On arrival, crews discovered there was no fire but there had been a three-vehicle road traffic collision, with significant damage to the vehicles.

"Thankfully nobody was trapped and firefighters did a precautionary check on two persons who were suffering from minor injuries.

“The road was closed whilst we worked and Thames Valley Police kept it closed whilst the vehicles were recovered.”