Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper hinted at what fans should expect in the new season of Clarkson's Farm during a visit to Old Trafford last night.

The pair were in attendance to watch Manchester United take on Chelsea which was broadcast live on Prime Video.

Before the game, The Clarkson's Farm duo were seen helping prepare the pitch before chatting with presenters after United’s 2-1 win.

“This is my first ever live game in Manchester. It is amazing coming out of the tunnel and seeing the colours of the pitch, mainly because I maintained it,” Mr Cooper said.

Mr Clarkson quickly quipped: “You do a better job with this than the field at the farm."

The former Top Gear host, who is a lifelong Chelsea fan joked that Mr Cooper, a United fan, won’t be in season four of Clarkson's Farm following the result.

Talking about the upcoming season three the pair revealed the series focuses on pig farming, something that Mr Cooper begrudgingly admitted Mr Clarkson was good at.

He said: “Lots of pigs. Annoyingly, this hurts me to say, don’t get too big-headed, he’s quite a good pig farmer.”

Mr Clarkson responded: “It gets me away from him, he doesn’t lecture me all the time. I have quite enjoyed being a pig farmer.

“We are about to start filming season four which unfortunately Kaleb won’t be in because of the result tonight.”

Bicester Advertiser: Kaleb CooperKaleb Cooper (Image: Photo: Ed Nix)Two goals from Scott McTominay were enough to give United the win despite a Cole Palmer equaliser just before halftime.

Mr Cooper posted on Instagram after the game writing: “My first ever live football game… Come on United.”

In the comments section of the post, the former Mr Clarkson wrote: “It was s***”.

Talking to Prime Video after the game, he said: “Chelsea were not good. Oh god I am not a football pundit, I’m not an Alan Shearer. I wouldn’t dream of trying to explain what went wrong but a number of things.”

Series three is yet to be released, but this did not stop Mr Clarkson or streaming giant Amazon Prime from confirming the news on social media last week.

Posting on its X account, formerly known as Twitter, Amazon Prime said: "It’s been three series and we still cannot make the sheep collaborate four a simple announcement."

The renewal comes after Mr Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May reportedly opted to leave The Grand Tour, another Amazon series.

Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios’ head of unscripted in the UK, said producer Expectation was about to begin shooting season four “very soon.” Season three has wrapped and will stream next year.

Mr Clarkson posted a video on Instagram echoing Khan’s comments.

“The fourth series of Clarkson’s Farm is coming,” he said.