Flood alerts in Oxfordshire have spiked this week, as authorities warned that heavy rain over the coming days could make things worse.

The Environment Agency has issued 17 flood alerts for rivers and watercourses in Oxfordshire and areas nearby the county’s border.

For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/4aahYbl

The agency said river levels are rising and that flooding of low lying land and roads is expected this morning (Thursday, December 7).

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It warned people to avoid using low lying footpaths near watercourses.

It comes as heavy rain is predicted across Oxfordshire today by the Met Office, with yellow weather warnings issued in southern England.

The River Thames and River Cherwell in Oxford and the River Ock in Abingdon are included in the flood alert areas.

Oxfordshire County Council said more flood alerts are likely to “pop up” in the coming days with more rain expected.