Nuala Young has written a letter questioning what will happen to the Kassam Stadium if Oxford United move to a new home in Kidlington.

There are several aspects of the push for a new site for Oxford United’s stadium that seem not to have been aired.

Where it is now situated is accessible by bus or bike for what is probably the densest residential area of Oxford where a high proportion of Oxford United supporters live.

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My grandsons, both keen supporters, the younger one with a season ticket, often goes by bus or bike on his own to the home matches there.

The present site at Blackbird Leys was taken from the Green Belt.

I remember riding into Oxford through the farm near there.

Bicester Advertiser: Once again, our Green Belt was lost, probably with the reasonable argument that the previous site in the middle of Headington was cramped and that the new one was an important sports facility for the city and should be given more room and made accessible.

That Green Belt site would not have been given the go-ahead for housing but for the much-needed sport’s facility.

There should and could be opposition to the change of that Kassam site to housing from the council itself, that could insist that the site should remain for sport and let the present owners of the Kassam Stadium know that they would not be allowed change of use.

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A move to Kidlington would involve massive disruption for the team and fans, a loss of more precious Green Belt, urban sprawl and a more than significant increase in the city’s Carbon burden.

If the stadium needs improvement, let that happen on site and not be an excuse for a developer’s profit.

Nuala Young