An inquest into the death of a builder in a crash near Chipping Norton will conclude this week.

Paul Tibbetts was involved in the road traffic collision on the A361 between Chipping Norton and South Newington on May 11.

Thames Valley Police said the driver was behind the wheel of a blue Audi TT at the time of the crash.

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The 39-year-old suffered a severe head injury, and his death was verified at 11.24pm by a paramedic from South Central Ambulance Service.

A full inquest into the death of Mr Tibbetts, of Boxhedge Road West, Banbury, will conclude at Oxford Coroner's Court on Wednesday (September 20).

On the same day, an inquest will also conclude into the death of Charles Williams, 24, a car sales director who was killed when his Mercedes left the A34 and struck an embankment on January 3.