A man glassed his partner’s ex and said: “This is what he gets for sleeping with my girlfriend.”

Haydn Chilton, 23, had found the man in bed with his girlfriend days before, having shinned up a drainpipe and spotted them through a window, Oxford Crown Court heard.

The defendant, who was also sentenced on Friday (September 15) for an unrelated assault on the woman, launched the attack on his love rival on January 21, 2022.

Chilton was with his girlfriend, walking down High Fulong in Banbury, when they bumped into the woman’s ex-partner.

The man had been chasing Chilton’s partner for money which he claimed she owed him.

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Neighbours witnessed the assault, which saw Chilton punch his rival to the ground before raining down blows upon him. He was said to have struck the man with a glass bottle.

Eyewitnesses variously described the defendant shouting ‘this is what he gets for sleeping with my girlfriend’ and ‘you slept with her, this is what you get for sleeping with her’.

Months later, Chilton was accused of a number of offences by his girlfriend. He found himself remanded in custody facing serious allegations of assault and controlling behaviour.

Earlier this month, jurors at Oxford Crown Court acquitted him of all charges except causing actual bodily harm, which related to him damaging her fingers.

And, despite it pre-dating the allegations against his girlfriend, he only appeared in front of the magistrates court for glassing his then partner’s ex in August this year. He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Mitigating, Dana Bilan said her client had no plans to contact either his now ex-girlfriend or the victim of the glassing. He had spent almost seven months in custody on remand.

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Judge Nigel Daly imposed 12 months’ imprisonment for the attack on Chilton’s girlfriend, although he had already served the time on remand.

And he gave the defendant a 16 month prison sentence suspended for a year-and-a-half for the glassing, with up to 67 rehabilitation activity requirement days and a mental health treatment requirement.

The net effect of the sentence, Judge Daly said, would be that Chilton, of no fixed address, would be released from prison immediately. He was expected to work with probation for the next 18 months.

The judge imposed restraining orders preventing him from contacting either of his victims.

Sentencing, Judge Daly urged both the defendant and his now ex-partner to address problems they had with alcohol.

“You’ve got to appreciate that drinking too much is not good for you,” he said.