The University of Oxford has sparked confusion on social media after advising its students to ‘make sure your friends are in your debt.’

The Instagram reel, posted to the university’s official account on July 30, was written by psychology professor, Robin Dunbar.

The post gives advice on maintaining friendships and was intended to mark International Friendship Day.

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The caption reads: “From spending time with your friend to laughing lots with them, Prof Robin Dunbar reveals his tips for maintaining a friendship.”

And tip five is given as: “Be generous with your time, love and money – always make sure your friends are in your debt.”

Former Oxford student Charlie Hancock, described the post on Twitter as ‘one of the most cynical things I’ve ever read.’

Another person commenting under the Instagram reel said: “The debt bit is a bit suspicious.”

The University of Oxford has previously been named one of the most expensive in the UK to attend and also one of the ones that produce the highest numbers of millionaires.

Bicester Advertiser: A screenshot from the University of Oxford's Instagram postA screenshot from the University of Oxford's Instagram post (Image: Instagram/ University of Oxford)

Emily Smith, a writer for student publication The Tab accused the post of ‘reeking of privilege’ and ‘spreading the sense of superiority that Oxford students are so often rinsed for.’

Other pieces of advice offered in the Instagram reel included having things, interests and beliefs in common and how being with your friend is often more important than giving gifts.