Thames Valley Police has released a series of YouTube videos detailing the force's involvement in the Maids Moreton Murders.

The true story is currently earning rave reviews as a BBC mini series called 'The Sixth Commandment', starring Timothy Spall and Anne Reid.

The series follows the story of Peter Farquhar (Spall) and Ann Moore-Martin (Reid), two elderly people who were gaslit and manipulated by a psychopath called Ben Field (a chilling performance by ‘Normal People’s Eanna Hardwicke).

Sheila Hancock plays Liz Zettl, an elderly friend of Peter and Ann’s.

The crimes took place in the Buckinghamshire village Maids Moreton in and around 2014 when Peter Farquhar, a well-respected teacher, was lured into a relationship with Field, his former student.

A religious man, Mr Farquhar struggled to balance his faith and his sexuality, and that personal conflict was preyed upon by Field.

After moving in with Mr Farquhar, Field began poisoning the older man with drugs and alcohol. 

Mr Farquhar, who was 69 at the time, was later subjected to physical and mental abuse by Field, who killed him in 2015.

"I think that the audience will find the whole story fascinating. But what’s terrifying about this story is that this sort of terrible evil is hiding in plain sight" says Anne Reid, who plays Moore-Martin. 

What Thames Valley Police have to say:

Thames Valley Police, who conducted the original investigation, have since shared "our version of the story + interviews with Ian (Peter's brother)" on YouTube.

The response was polarising online.

One user said: "Well done to your SIO and team, including the FLO. What a tough investigation all round but thank goodness you got him. 36 years imprisonment reflects the torture imposed to his victims and relatives."

Although another said: "Great to see your doing such useful things with your time…."