Confused householders have reported seeing an elderly lady on a mobility scooter stealing garden equipment in the early hours of the morning.

Notifying others in a Bicester community Facebook group, Danny Skidmore, from Bicester, said: “Keep your eyes peeled, I caught an old lady on a red mobility scooter taking the concrete border slabs from my front garden this morning.

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“These things are very heavy, so it’s quite amusing really. I did see her outside the house again 10 minutes later, I guess she just wanted more.

“I asked her why she had pinched my stuff, but she just rode off. This happened at 4am in the morning.”

After initially reporting the incident to the police, Mr Skidmore has now said he is not looking to get the slabs back, nor wanting to pursue any charges.

He said: “If I do spot the lady again, police have asked me to inform them so they can check on her and make sure she’s okay.

“I just hope she’s okay to be honest.”

Another householder in Bicester, Sharon Deeley, said: “This is probably the same lady that scoots around Kingsmere in the early hours moving people’s rubbish and doing weird things.”

A third householder shared their experience of seeing the elderly lady removing weeds from a road one morning, and switching food between two bins.


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