To kick off its annual summer fete a school in Bicester staged a carnival style parade with a climate change theme.

Pupils at St Edburg’s Primary School began their march at the schools’ new under-construction early years and key stage 1 site on Ludlow Road, which is due for completion in September 2024.

The parade finished up at the school’s existing site on Pioneer Way.

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A spokesperson for St Edburg’s Primary School said: “We chose a climate change theme to tie in with work we have done in school on this subject throughout the year.

“Out children feel very passionate about making a difference.”

Each year group chose a sub-theme to tie in with the wider one, upper key stage 2 chose to represent Amazonian wildlife to highlight the threat to some species from deforestation.

Other sub-themes included a celebration of African animals and culture, tidal energy, the importance of bees and ‘under the sea’.

The spokesperson said: “We had a week of making the carnival props which included a huge hungry caterpillar, a giant Elmer, a friendly octopus, two enormous Amazonian tiger moths, butterflies, parrot heads, bees, wind turbines, and a residency from Simon Tipping of Route Canal Arts.

“Children and parents loved the carnival procession. People came out of their houses and some even joined in.”

St Edburg’s art lead and organiser Julie Cordingley said: “It was a great project to work on and it really felt like it brought the community together.”


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